Tournament Scoring Guide

Archery GB (GNAS) imperial scoring

  • The target is a 122cm face and is divided into 5 coloured scoring zone.
  • Points for each zone (9, 7, 5, 3, 1) increase from the center outwards.
  • If an arrow is touching a line that separates zones (line cutter), the higher scoring zone is recorded.
  • Scores are recorded on a score sheet (as shown in the example) with the highest scoring arrow recorded first.
  • An arrow that does not score is called a miss and is marked ‘M’.
  • Arrows are shot in ends of six and arrows can only be touched or removed from the target after all archers accept the recorded values.
  • Once scores are written down, the arrow values can only be changed by a judge before the arrows have been removed from the target.

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